Kérastase L’Incroyable Blow Dry

43,00 $

L’incroyable blowdry doesn’t just give you infinite repositionability or 96 hours of frizz protection, it gives you time. Time you used to spend reapplying product or worrying about styling it wrong. L’incroyable blowdry’s shape memory allows you to style and restyle in minutes. This means going curly, straight and curly again without reapplying.

150 ml

Kérastase Lacque Couture 260 ml

43,00 $

Medium hold micro-mist hairspray for light movement that sets styles while remaining highly workable. Maximum frizz control with a velvety feel.

Kérastase Lacque Dentelle 260 ml

43,00 $

Light hold hairspray for freedom of movement and flexible finish. Maximum frizz control

Kérastase Lacque Noire

43,00 $

Laque Noire provides a long lasting extra strong hold with an integral anti-humidity shield. No residue, easy to remove with a brush.

300 ml

Kérastase Lift Vertige

43,00 $

Root-uplifting gel. This medium-fixation styling gel guarantees a “higher hair” effect with delicate softness and shine. At the root of this high-performance product is a simple formula: lift, suppleness, elevation and no unpleasant surprises. A formula that can elevate
roots with subtlety and without a “cardboard” look.

75 ml