Whether you are looking to relax, to regain your vitality or to soothe your aching muscles, our professional massage therapists take your health at heart and will treat you with great care in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. 

Legendary Massages

Swedish Massage 60 min : $66.95 / 90 min : $96.95

Soft and effective, the Swedish massage gives you deep relaxation. Its light stroking techniques (effleurage) help keep the body flexible and relaxed.

Therapeutic Massage 60 min : $76.95 / 90 min : $114.95

The therapeutic massage features special techniques to restore your body’s vitality, helping you relax. Pain begone!

Hot Stone Massage 90 min : $111.95

This traditional technique uses basalt stones (smooth round volcanic stones). Heated and then applied to the skin, the stones spread their heat to sore muscles, relaxing the tensions, stimulating the blood circulation and granting a profound soothing effect.

Deep Tissue 60 min : $76.95 / 90 min : $114.95

Developed for high caliber athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the deep massage helps preparing the body for intense physical activity. Preventing pain and risk of injury, the massage enables a guaranteed quality training as well as performance boost. It combines different techniques (Swedish massage, compression, acupressure, transversal fibre friction, mobilizing joints, hydrotherapy and cryotherapy – massage using intense cold), according to your specific needs.

Prenatal 60 min : $76.95 / 90 min : $113.95

The antidote to all the pains caused by pregnancy! In addition to targeting the areas affected by physiological changes happening during pregnancy, the prenatal massage allows you to refocus and get ready to give birth. Support cushions are available to give you maximum comfort.

Available after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Indian Massage 25 min : $41.95

This short massage energizes the spirit by focusing on the top of the body. Makes the headaches go away.

Reflexology 60 min : $66.95

Hands and feet are full of nerve endings associated to different body parts, organs and glands. With manual pressure applied to these points, the massage therapist can directly work on the areas requiring special care. The full treatment works globally, helps refocus and regain strength.

The benefits of reflexology are numerous:

Releases nervous tension;
Helps to relax muscles;
Gives an overall relaxed feeling;
Improves the blood circulation;
Removes accumulated toxins;
Eliminates waste;
Fosters a healthy, robust organism;
Restores energy by redistributing it to the whole body.

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