Injections & surgeries


Need to correct small imperfections? Our Spa Station 5 plastic-surgeon partner offers consulting services for all your cosmetic surgery needs and administer injections on the spot, to give your face unparalleled rejuvenation.

Several pulsed light treatments are also available.

Combined with our surgeon’s expertise, our first grade Allergan products are sure to offer you a safe and efficient treatment.


Cosmetic Botox

The BOTOX (botulinum toxin) is injected, in a very small quantity, in the expression lines, allowing them to relax and soften. The targeted area will look younger in a matter of days, and the effect will last for four to six months.

BOTOX targets the following areas:

– Glabella wrinkles (between the eyebrows)

– Crow’s-feet and other wrinkles around the eyes

– Forehead wrinkles

– Some small wrinkles around the lips

BOTOX side-effects are rare, temporary and reversible.


The JUVEDERM injectable gel fills furrows and static wrinkles and helps define the natural face contour. By being in contact with the skin’s moisture, this hyaluronic acid-based formula (a kind of sugar found naturally in the organism) refines and strengthens the targeted areas in a subtle and natural fashion.

Results can be seen immediately and may last from eight to twelve months.

The most frequent side effects of JUVEDERM injections is the temporary swelling or bruising of the targeted area. These effects normally subside within a few hours.

JUVEDERM targets the following areas:

– Smile wrinkles (located on each side of the nose and ending at the corner of the upper lip)

– Cheeks (restores the cheeks’ volume)

– Chin (redefines contour)

– Lips (restores lost volume or creates gorgeous thick lips)

– Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth (vertical wrinkles and furrow forming at the corners of the lips)

Soft Lift

A combination of BOTOX and JUVEDERM, the Soft Lift treatment gives a rejuvenating effect to the whole face. While the BOTOX relaxes muscular wrinkles at the top (eyes, forehead), JUVEDERM fills the furrows and static wrinkles at the bottom (cheeks, lips, chin) and strengthens the face’s features definition.

Natural-looking results benefit from the synergic effect of both treatments and may last from six to eighteen months.


For shapely natural-looking lips, VOLBELLA is THE product you need to try. Equally applicable to the perioral area, this revolutionary product uses Vycross technology to quickly integrate the injected product to cutaneous tissue.


Another JUVEDERM filling product, VOLIFT helps redefine the face’s contour. More flexible, this product is recommended for fine skins. Using innovative Vycross technology, the VOLIFT treatment integrates cutaneous tissue more quickly, reducing swelling risks.

VOLIFT is recommended for:

  •         Slight firmness loss in the skin of the neck
  •         Volume loss in cheeks
  •         Deep cutaneous depression
  •         Sunken temples



For those other little details that injected products cannot improve, our surgeon can take care of all your cosmetic surgeries needs in his Spa Station 5 office.


Cosmetic surgery for:

  •         Liposuction: this simple procedure sucks and removes excess fat stored in the thighs, buttocks and stomach. Liposuction is sometimes recommended to remove excess fat under the chin, knees or arms.
  •         Abdominoplasty or abdominal lift (tummytuck) : very efficient, this procedure allows you to regain a flat stomach by removing loose skin on the abdomen.
  •         Face lift: this very specialized procedure restores the tension in the face’s skin to erase wrinkles and to give it a young and natural appearance.
  •         Breast augmentation: with saline or silicone prostheses.
  •         Breast lift: gives younger contours to the chest without augmenting its size.