One stop beauty shop....

Located in Ville Saint-Laurent in a warm and modern decor, Spa Station 5 takes special care of each and every one of its clients. Our devoted staff treats every member of the family with the same efficiency, professionalism and care.

Always looking out for new trends and technologies, Spa Station 5 is the perfect stop to replenish your energy, and to benefit from a wide range of treatments.

Easily accessible, with plenty of parking space, open 7 days a week, Spa Station 5 is the stopover for your body and spirit.

A born entrepreneur, Stefano Chiella is Spa Station 5’s devoted owner. The youngest of a family of three Italian children, his parents passed on a strong work ethic and a visionary instinct.

After studying in marketing, Stefano devoted himself to exploring the world of business. For the past twenty years, he has been the owner of several restaurants, including Chez Cora, and is also a real-estate investor.

Stefano oversees the salon’s operations with his partner and mother of his three children Geneviève, who manages the business marketing department. Visiting Spa Station 5, an enjoyable experience from beginning to end thanks to this hard working duo and to their devoted team.