Calidou Charmante Bubble Bath

12,95 $

Calidou Charmante Bubble Bath will charm you with its exquisite scent!  It contains a blend of fruit extracts such as açai, aronia, goji, maqui, bilberry, mangosteen, noni and pomegranate in a base of mild sudsing agents derived from natural sources.

These extracts are rich in minerals and in polyphenols, those powerful antioxidants that help the skin maintain its moisture and keep your child’s skin healthy.

Does not contain sodium laureth sulfate, a strong detergent that removes skins hydrolipidic film, which can cause skin problem.

200 ml

Calidou Charmante Eau de Charme

20,95 $

All fragrances used in our products comply with the highest safety standards established by the International Fragrance Association.  Our Eau de Charme embraces with a gentle fragrance that respects the skin’s natural balance without drying it out.  Alcohol, artificial colorant and paraben free.

50 ml

Calidou Charmante Shampoo

14,95 $

Calidou Charmante Shampoo contains a blend of mild sudsing agents derived from natural sources.  We added sunflower oil phospholipids for their hydrating, restructuring and lubricating properties.

Calidou Charmante Shower Gel

13,95 $

Calidou Charmante Shower Gel is made of a blend of mild sudsing agents derived from natural sources enriched with fruit extracts such as açai, aronia, goji, maqui, bilberry, mangosteen, noni and pomegranate.  These contain very high concentrations of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that protect and respect the skin’s delicate PH balance. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals to help your child’s skin retain its moisture and stay soft and healthy.  Your little girl’s skin will be softer than ever.


Calidou Genial Antibacterial Gel

13,95 $

Our Antibacterial Gel is enriched with organic calendula extract to keep hands soft.  Its alcohol content is less than an antiseptic gel making it safer for kids even if used often.

230 ml

Calidou Outdoor Solution

13,95 $

The Outdoor Solution is a natural hydrating lotion made with soya oil, andiroba oil and essential oils. This combination of oils provides you to fully enjoy any outdoor activities such as camping or a simple walk in the woods in all tranquility! Does not stain clothes.

NB: For children under 1 year, to minimize the risk of allergies (contains essential oils), we suggest to use the Outdoor solution on the accessories (clothing, stroller, etc …) rather than the skin.

120 ml

Calidou Sunscreen Cream SPF 45

16,95 $

This year, CALIDOU celebrates summer with its new SPF 45 Sunscreen Cream, formulated of 100% natural origin ingredients. Without chemical filter nor nanoparticle, it protects against UVA and UVB thanks to its active mineral ingredients: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Non-greasy and with no fragrance, this soft cream is perfect for the fragile skin of your little beloved. Its fluid texture allows a fast and pleasant absorption and lets your skin satiny. It also offers an ideal protection for adults who have sensitive skin.

50 ml